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How we work

At Investment Choices we build open and long-term relationships with all our clients, based on mutual trust and a thorough understanding of their needs and future aspirations.

We will work with you to analyse your aims and objectives before reviewing the global investment market and making our recommendations for a personalised financial plan that works for you.

Initial meeting

Our first meeting is an opportunity for you to meet our team and helps us to start building a strong and productive relationship with you.

Together we will look at your current financial circumstances and discuss your vision for the future by establishing the goals, objectives and priorities in your life.

Meeting at your home, business premises or at our office, we discuss your tax status together with other key personal and financial details. We also talk through your tolerance of risk and volatility.

Before we begin our discussions we provide an overview of the service we offer and confirm the fees we charge. We also ask you to complete a client agreement to confirm our mutual understanding.

Analysis and planning

We will write to you to confirm the outcome of our initial meeting and begin gathering the information about your current financial assets, including pensions, savings, investments and property.

We then assess this information against the facts we established in our first discussion and start developing a financial plan that will meet your future vision.

Analysing how your assets may be affected by taxation will be a key part of our work. In developing your financial plan, we will, where appropriate, work with your accountant to establish the most tax-efficient solutions.

Recommendation and implementation

We will meet with you to discuss and explain our recommended financial plan and how it meets your financial objectives. We will then complete the paperwork to implement your plan.

Ongoing review and service

As part of our ongoing wealth management service we monitor and analyse your financial assets to ensure that they are allowing you to achieve your financial goals, objectives and priorities.

Tax Planning advice is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

The relationship with your financial adviser should be based on mutual trust and loyalty. With Investment Choices you have a long-term partner who understands your priorities and will help you achieve your goals.

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